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C.R.I. Compressor Pumps designed for Domestic and Industrial purpose with High Operating Efficiency and work at the depth of 200 feet. Compressor is coupled with high quality motors to ensure the efficient performance. It works on the principle of difference in density of two-inter-connected water columns and the heavier one over balancing the lighter one operation. The Compressed air is pumped down into the well and gets mixed with water into the delivery pipe as very fine air bubbles by the air – distributor installed at the end of the air pipe line. This air – water mixture having a low density than the surrounding water column rises in the discharge pipe. On continuation of this process, water is pumped through the discharge pipe. These Pumps are robust in construction and tested at high standard excellence.


  • Domestic
  • Agricultural
  • Low yield Borewells
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Industrial Purpose
  • Drinking water Supply
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  1. Detachable compressor cylinder make cleaning easy
  2. Provision of fool proof indicator to check the oil level clearly whenever required
  3. Robust construction withstanding overload
  4. Compact Design
  5. Available in Single and Double cylinder design
  6. Special duty motor suitable for compressor.
  7. Specially designed cast iron cylinder with deep finned for better heat dissipation.
Power Range 0.75kW – 1.5kW (1HP to 2HP)
Voltage Range Single Phase 200 – 240 V, Three Phase 380 – 415 V, A.C Supply
Maximum Total Head 120 metre
Maximum Flow Rate 2.28 lps (8.2 m³/hr)
Part Name Material
Cylinder Cast Iron
Piston Aluminium
Crank Assembly Steel Casting
Housing Cast Iron
Air filter assembly Plastic


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